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Alberta Health cut-off dates for physician billing submissions | ClinicAid blog

Alberta Health medical billing functions on a weekly cycle. Cut-offs, processing, and payments are all done once a week, with payments being made for the previous week's claims.

Medical billing submissions can be made to Health Link Alberta (H-Link) using ClinicAid's medical billing software as invoices are created. Our software batches invoices that have been submitted and sends them off to Alberta Health once an hour. The general rules for submission cut-offs, processing, and payments for Alberta's physicians and medical professionals are as follows:
  • Claims should be submitted before Thursday at 12:00 p.m. MST. Claims received after 12:00 p.m., but before the end of the business day are often also accepted.
  • Claims submitted by the Thursday cut-off will be processed over the weekend and remittance files will be received by the following Sunday evening at the latest. Responses are usually received by Friday and are loaded into ClinicAid directly. Any invoices that have been rejected, underpaid, or paid at zero will be displayed in the "Invoices Requiring Action" section of the Dashboard and in the Manage Invoices section. These can then be edited or settled as necessary.
  • Payment of approved claims is made during the following week, usually 7 days after the assessment of claims has been received.


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