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ClinicAid Billing Integration with Oscar EMR | The ClinicAid Blog

Did you know that ClinicAid integrates with the OSCAR EMR system?

When we created ClinicAid, we aimed to build an efficient medical billing software for Canadian physicians and medical professionals. As many electronic medical record (EMR) users will attest to, the billing functionality of most EMR systems leave a lot to be desired and are often quite complex and confusing. That's why we also wanted to build ClinicAid in such a way as to offer a simple alternative that could take care of medical billing for Canadian healthcare providers while also easily integrating with one of Canada's most popular electronic health records systems, OSCAR EMR.

The integration with Oscar allows ClinicAid's interface to automatically load from the various billing links. It's built in such a way as to pull in the patient's demographic information from their Oscar demographic master file so data input is minimal. Using ClinicAid for billing will make the process of creating and submitting claims easier and faster as all that will need to be completed are service codes, fee modifiers, and diagnostic codes.

Because ClinicAid is automated, claims files will no longer need to be generated and submitted or uploaded or downloaded, and remittance files received from the provincial Ministry of Health are loaded into the interface automatically as well. Changes can be made directly to any bills that require action. This medical billing software will help practitioners in Alberta, Ontario, and BC streamline and simplify their billing and bill patients in their EMR system in the most efficient way. You can also visit our YouTube channel for a video demonstration of ClinicAid's Oscar integration.

Besides the integration we've built for Oscar, we're also able to create an integration with other EMR and EHR systems to ensure billing is done quickly, easily, and effectively. If you'd like to find out more about integrating ClinicAid with your system, contact us.

If you're interested in getting the Oscar EMR set up in your clinic, visit to find out more about hosting, support, and training services!


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