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Sharing favourites lists, new billing restrictions and opportunities features released!

We've released a few new features in ClinicAid this month that should help you share favourites lists and default invoices with other users in your account, fix potentially restricted billing codes before submitting them, and find missed billing opportunities. Find out more about these new features below.

Sharing code favourites lists and default invoices

Admin users are now able to share favourites lists that they've created for diagnostic codes, service codes, and default invoices with other users in their ClinicAid account. This new feature will allow for lists to be shared between physicians, MOAs, and other colleagues easily. All lists can now also be easily re-ordered to reflect your preferences, such as ordering with the most commonly used codes at the top of your list or by alphabetical order, etc.

Users can find the new "Share" option in the Default Invoices, Diagnostic Codes, and Service Codes sections under Preferences in their ClinicAid account.

New restrictions and opportunities features

We've also added two new features that will show users potentially incorrect invoices and missed billing opportunities.

The restrictions feature will display a pop-up warning on invoices that the ClinicAid system believes to be billed incorrectly to warn users that that particular invoice will likely be rejected. These types of restrictions will be implemented for codes that have a billing limit within a set period of time or can only be billed for certain types of patients, based on age, gender, time of week or day, etc.

The opportunities feature will provide users with a report on their dashboard and at the bottom right of the invoice creation screen. Billing opportunities will include codes for tray fees that are applicable to certain services or codes that can be billed after a certain amount of time for a patient, such as those patients with chronic and complex care conditions.

These new features will differ to match each province's billing rules. Currently, only some of the possible billing restrictions and opportunities will be displayed. We will continue to add to both features as new restrictions and opportunities are identified.


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