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BC MSP fee changes, AMA fee navigator launches, and ON EMR funding program ends

Medical service fees in Alberta and BC have recently had some updates and changes have also occurred to the OntarioMD funding program. Find out how these changes may affect you below.

MSP fee increase in BC

As of April 1st, 2015, a fee increase occurred in BC, funded from the 2015/2016 fee allocation. The fee increase was implemented on June 4th, with the most current rates available for download as of June 5th.

Any claims that were being processed when the change was made and have been submitted at the previous rates will be adjusted to match the new rates. The explanatory code BG-Amount will be displayed and a retroactive payment will be applied to a future remittance for any services provided between April 1st and June 4th that have been paid using the previous rates.

The MSC Payment Schedule on the MSP website will be updated with the new rates shortly. All ClinicAid accounts have already been updated to reflect these new rates.

Alberta Medical Association's Fee Navigator

The AMA recently launched its Fee Navigator, a web-based tool meant to provide Alberta's physicians with access to an enhanced and easy-to-use version of the Schedule of Medical Benefits. Users can now search the SOMB by health service code or procedure name, fee modifier, or explanatory code and can also browse the governing rules applicable.

Besides being mobile-friendly, the Fee Navigator also gives physicians access to billing advice and tips, makes understanding billing easier, and is always up-to-date.

OntarioMD funding ends

Going the way of the dodo (like PITO in BC and POSP in Alberta), the OntarioMD funding program has now officially come to an end. Physicians in Ontario can no longer be funded for using an EMR.

Some good news, however! Physicians using ClinicAid are able to integrate their EMR directly with ClinicAid's API by logging in to their ClinicAid account and navigating to

ClinicAid currently integrates with the OSCAR EMR, Revolution EHR, DoxEMR,Clinicmaster, and RamSoft, with more integrations on the way.


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