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New ClinicAid help portal and feedback button!

In addition to our new website (what do you think?)  you may have noticed we have a floating "send feedback" button at the bottom left of every ClinicAid account.  

This will submit directly to our ticket system so if you have a feature request, or just want to tell us you love the program this will be the place to do it! Additionally, from the feedback window you're able to include a screenshot of your current view so if you have an interesting problem that's easier to show than describe, you can just click the "take screenshot" button and it will be sent us a pic with your feedback ticket.

As well we now have a "Get Help" link from the menu in your ClinicAid account that will take you directly to our new Customer Support Portal.
Here you can search through all of the "getting started" guides for each province, as well as all of our instructional Youtube video demonstrations. All of the videos have been transcribed, so if we cover a topic you're looking for in the video you will easily be able to locate it just with the site search feature.

The new customer support portal also features a community forum where we encourage all of our clients to post feature requests that can be then voted on by 'liking' the feature. We will always keep an eye on our customer's feedback, and will take a look at all popular requests to build into future ClinicAid updates!

If you have any questions about the program, billing in your respective province, or even just have some helpful tips you'd like to share with your colleagues using ClinicAid, we encourage posting them in the forum.  If we have common questions asked to our service reps we'll make sure to post the question and answer as well to help grow the knowledge base so all of our users can benefit.

In order to post a new topic you will need to login to the forum which you can do so with your favourite social media account, or by making an account on the forum itself.

We're looking forward to being able to touch base with all of our clients on the forums!


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