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ClinicAid's New Dashboard!

You may have noticed some changes recently, the biggest being our new Dashboard!

The new dashboard has fully retired the previous, instead replacing it with useful stats and quick links to reporting so you can get a much deeper view of your practice at a glance.


Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding this handy new feature!

Dashboard Features

There is now a setup progress guide that will help get your account fully set up, a very handy pie chart that will show you all of your current active claims and where they are in the life cycle of being completed and paid by the province.

From the chart, you can click on any section and it will bring you to the associated view on your 'manage invoices' page. Gone are the days of clicking through your rejections one at a time!

You can also now view snapshots of your monthly revenue, how efficient you have been with your billing as well as your most common error codes, as well as which codes you submit are making you the most revenue.

You may drag and drop any of the new dashboard cards to reorder as you desire, as well you can click the 'configure dashboard' button at the top right to show or hide components as needed.

But I don't want all of my users to see this info!

That's ok, we have you covered! For those of you who are concerned about the additional reporting, these charts will only be visible to users who have the required permission levels.

Additionally, if you have users with provider restrictions set up, they will only be able to view data for the practitioners for whom they have permission to view!


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