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After-Hours Billing Tip for Alberta's Medical Professionals | ClinicAid Blog

Have you been working after-hours lately? Maximize your billing opportunities by following this useful after-hours billing tip!

Billing for after-hours work for the 2014 statutory holidays
If you're working after hours on stat holidays, there are various modifiers you can use based on the hours you are working. The after-hours time premium (03.01AA) is only applicable to services that are provided at a hospital, auxiliary hospital, active treatment centre, nursing home, or AACC/UCC, not at a physician's private office.

For stat holidays, a 24 hour period is split into 3 increments with different modifiers that are based on the hours worked. If you are working across multiple increments, you are able to use two modifiers for the 03.01AA code to cover the times you are on duty. Please note that there are certain maximums that apply when claiming this health service code.

If you're visiting with a patient before and after midnight, you should claim the after-hours premium on two separate dates of service, one for the date before midnight and one for the date after.
There are also various callback codes that can be used for after-hours work. 

For more information on all of these codes and the appropriate ways to bill them, please see the Alberta Medical Association's after-hours billing page for 2014 stat holidays.


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