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New office notes and search features!

We recently released a new global feature to all of the provincial versions of ClinicAid. We also released a new search filter in Alberta that should help our users that work at multiple locations.

Searches should process much faster now as a result of an upgrade to ClinicAid's servers. The search logic also has been adjusted in order to make searches that draw on a lot of data run more smoothly and quickly.

You will find a bit more information about these new features below!
New office notes

Globally, we've added a new notes feature that will allow you to save internal office notes on an invoice. On the Advanced tab of any ClinicAid invoice creation or edit screen, you will now find an "Office Notes" section.

Anything written in this area will be displayed on the invoice when viewing it, but it will not be sent to your government's medical insurance body. You can use this feature for internal reminders or notes as needed, such as to keep track of updates made to rejected invoices before resubmitting them or updating the status of an investigation on a claim that requires action.

Office notes location when creating or editing an invoice.

Office notes location when viewing the invoice.

Alberta facility search function

The Alberta version of ClinicAid now also features the ability to search through your invoices by facility number. This will be especially handy for doctors that work at multiple locations and only want to view the invoices for a particular location at once.

If you have any questions of feedback regarding these new features, please let us know!

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