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Improvements made to some ClinicAid features

We've made a few improvements to give user more control over additional options and time-savers in ClinicAid. These changes include a .pdf format for remittance reports, the ability to update Teleplan passwords for BC users, and the option to select from multiple quick forms when adding a new patient. Find out more details about each of these below.

PDF remittance reports ready

If you've been exporting .csv versions of your remittance reports so that you can reformat them and print them off, you'll be happy to know that you can now print them off easily from ClinicAid by exporting a nicely formatted .pdf version instead! These remittance reports are available in all provinces. If you have any feedback on the formatting, please let us know!

Updating Teleplan password for BC users

BC users are now able to update their Teleplan passwords directly in ClinicAid. Simply go to Admin-->Manage Teleplan and click on Change Teleplan Password to update your password instantly. This great time-saving feature should make managing Teleplan details much simpler for all of our BC Users.

Selecting from multiple quick forms

The quick forms feature we recently told you about is now even more useful when adding new patients in your ClinicAid account. A drop-down menu will now allow you to select from your quick forms, making the process especially fast when adding out-of-province patients, for example. You can find these quick forms in the top right corner of the Add a new patient window.

If you have any questions regarding any of these updates, please let us know!


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